Car Brands That Have Rocked the Charts

Although other things like album sales, or these days song downloads are of course important, much of the success of a music artist has to do with how well they perform on the music charts. Luckily for some carmakers, some artists have made the decision to incorporate their vehicles into popular songs.

Over 200 car brands were mentioned in the 280 top 20 Billboard hits since 2014, according to a report from Bloomberg. Although this number might come off as high, try to remember that being able to brag about how much dough you have is a common occurrence in a lot of the music released today, especially in hip hop songs. And what easier way to show off how much money you have than to talk about the expensive cars that you drive? Also think about how many country songs mention being heartbroken. We would argue that even more talk about trucks.

It might not be any surprise to learn that when mentioning cars, most aren’t referring to a common car like the Toyota Corolla. They are talking about the flashiest cars out there. Find our list of the top eight car brands that have made their ways into top songs in the last three years.


When most people think of a car brand that is classy and stylish they think of Mercedes-Benz. And who blames them? Most of their models come equipped with luxurious interiors, chrome rims, and other flashy features. For many Mercedes-Benz is the epitome of both taste and wealth, something that many music artists want to prove that they have. Since 2014, Mercedes-Benz has made an appearance in five top 20 songs.