Car Technology That is now Obsolete (or will be soon, we hope)

Car technology has changed drastically over the years. We are sure that automakers from even fifty years ago couldn’t have fathomed where auto technology would be today with electric cars and self-driving cars in the works.

Cutting edge technology is what sets one model apart from the other since in reality there are only so much carmakers can vary on the standard car model aside from size and bodywork.

Luckily for carmakers, we live in a world that is much more reliant on technology and access to information. Seriously, how did people get around before having a

Here, we take a look at some car technologies that simply missed the mark and were not as successful as their developers had hoped.

Rotary engines

Although the Rotary engine is often associated with Mazda, they were not the first to develop them. In fact, the Rotary engine was originally invented by German mechanical engineer Felix Wankel. The Rotary engine seemed like an ideal substitution for the internal combustion engine, which was much more bulky and less compact.

The Rotary engine even ran more smoothly than its more traditional counterpart. Unfortunately, since the rotors were triangular, they did not wear down evenly. Moreover, due to its shape, it was impossible for the lubricating oil not to leak into the combustion chamber, which, believe it or not, is not ideal. Although a California company named GoTek has claimed to fix the problems that Wankel’s model presented, they are not doing so on a large enough scale to make a real difference.

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