Car Trends That We Wish Would Just Go away

You don’t need to own a flashy car or even have a license to be fed up with some of the latest car trends. (Seriously though, if they could just hurry up with the self-driving car our lives would be a lot easier).

Some are an eye sore while others simply make you feel sorry for whoever the sucker is behind the wheel.

At the end of the day, we are just happy that these trends are just that-trends that we can (hopefully) soon pretend never existed. We are all for taking pride in our rides. Go ahead and call your beat up 1999 Toyota Corolla Babsy for all we care but also please keep in mind what your fellow drivers are forced to stare at when the 401 is bumper to bumper.

Rolling coal

Number one on our list is best known as “Rolling coal.” For those of you who are not familiar with the term, this genius (read: expensive and planet killing) practice entails modifying your Diesel engine so that an abundance of fuel can enter it. This results in the emission of a sooty exhaust. Because, you know, who ever heard of being environmentally conscious?

Although some states have created laws to prohibit these modifications, this has not stopped numb nuts from continuing to roll coal. For the sake of the environment, we ask that you please come to a rolling stop when it comes to rolling coal. Those who don’t listen, be warned: you may end up on St. Nick’s Naughty List and we don’t need to tell you what that means…

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