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Don’t Waste Your Money On These 10 Things

10 things you don't need to spend money on for your car or truck

Aside from buying your own property, buying a vehicle is one of the biggest and most important things you’ll ever do. And of course, the price is not reflected only in the expense of the vehicle, but also regular payments for insurance, gas, and the maintenance of the vehicle.

With the new responsibility comes taking care of the car. Visiting the car wash, getting the car waxed, making sure you fill it up with the right fuel, making sure it gets regularly serviced.

Many people like to make their cars personal to them by customizing too. But this is nothing new to most people. The aftermarket for the car industry is huge. And of course, if there’s any money to made, people are there to make it. And not all of them are as scrupulous as one would hope.

There’s a lot of products that aren’t necessary, plenty that aren’t used correctly, others that cost the owner more in the long run. Others might actually damage your car too.

We’ve got together a list of some of the things that are a complete waste of your money and that your car doesn’t at all need. Hopefully it will help you save time and money when it comes to purchasing for your new vehicle.

Cone air filters

Have you ever been waiting at the lights, and you saw the bright orange and white K&N logo on the back of the car in front of you? K&N are manufacturers of air filters, intakes and oil filters. K&N builds some of the highest quality filters and intakes available anywhere. They’re a specialist item, built to last much further than you will ever drive in the same vehicle. They even give a small boost to the vehicle’s horsepower.

However, lots of people believe that these can give your vehicle a horsepower lift and immediately think that their regular sedan will suddenly turn into a Ferrari. If you want to keep this vehicle for more than the average length of time, if you don’t want the bother of changing filters, and you like the idea of continuing to modify your car as you go on, we strongly believe that K&N’s products are for you. The trouble is that if you think you’re going to getting any real gains from your car’s performance by just modifying the air intake – you’re kidding yourself.

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