Mechanics Cringe When These Cars Roll In To The Shop

In theory, buying a new car should spare you from having to deal with a surprise trip to the mechanic (at least for a while). However, this isn’t always the case since the fact of the matter is that some cars simply aren’t made to be reliable. Keep reading to find out which cars made our list of the top ten leas reliable vehicles.

These vehicles are unreliable for a myriad of reasons. Some are simply annoying, like easily broken off door handles, while others are car owner’s worst nightmares like transmission issues.

Tesla Model X

We have to admit that the Tesla X looks cool with its Falcon wing doors but sadly its doors are one of its main issues, in addition to faulty power equipment, in-car electronics, and climate system. The problem is that it is one thing to look cool, but a vehicle also needs to be practical which isn’t the case with doors that take so damn long to open and close. Its gigantic windshield allows for a futuristic feel, which is likely a plus to some. The X model comes with seating for up to even people; however, unfortunately the second row does not fold. Fortunately for Tesla, this model is easy to drive and speedy.

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