The 25 Strangest Traffic Laws In America (that you’ve probably never heard of)

Although most driving rules and traffic laws are common sense (like not going through a red light), others leave us scratching our heads. When coming across odd traffic laws, one can’t help but stop and think about the circumstances in which the law was created. Oftentimes, laws are made when there is an occurrence of an offence and the legal system is unsure how to handle it.

Running Out Of Gas

Ever put off filling up your tank a little too long? Hopefully you weren’t in Youngstown, Ohio where running out of gas is against the law. Or we guess you could try the old’ “Hello there, officer. No, I didn’t run out of gas, I simply thought that the middle of the road would be a great spot to take a break from driving” line.

Women May Not Wear Housecoats While Driving

If you need to head to the convenience store down the street to pick up some milk and you happen to be a woman, make sure to change out of your housecoat if you happen to live in California. We suppose that if you are a man, you can drive wearing whatever you would like. No, we don’t smell a tinge of residual sexism… do you?

Strapping A Dog To The Roof Of A Car

We really hope that strapping Fido to the roof of is something that nobody would attempt to do. However, it is technically legal to do so throughout America except for Alaska. Regardless, please do us all a favour and leave the roof of your car for bicycles and ski equipment.

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