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The Worst Cars of the 1970s

When you think of the Seventies, what do you think about, what do you remember? Disco maybe? Gold Medallions perhaps? Stevie Wonder probably? Stars Wars definitely!

But, to be honest, if we had our way, we’d rather forget some parts of the Seventies too. We’d especially like to forget some of the lemons that feature on our list of some of the worst cars of the 1970s.

Here’s a lovely list of the lemons that any fruit seller would be proud of:

Volvo 262C

It is possible to argue that it’s a bit unfair to put the Volvo 262C on this list. We accept that. The trouble with the 262C is, it’s just a very ugly car. Perhaps one of the worst ever produced by Volvo, or perhaps anyone.

A big trunk, the awkward head, and very dull. It was more elephant than car. This was a convertible that no one would want to drive with the roof down – for fear of being seen in it.

Later, Volvo rebadged the car as a Coupe. Of course, like all the other dreadful rebadging efforts, it was awful.

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