10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know at the Pump

Nothing gets us more pumped up than ever increasing gas prices. Nothing seems to hurt more than going fill up before a trip to the cottage for the long weekend only to realize that gas prices have magically increased over night.

If you feel like you are always filling up your tank and yet also always running on empty, then this article is for you. What you might not know is that there are many ways to leave the pump with more in your pocket than you are used to.

We might not be talking about thousands of dollars of savings, but we all know that a few dollars here and there really adds up. And wouldn’t you rather be spending your hard earned money on anything but fuel? So take notes and you will see that you can fill up for less.

Late night fill-ups help you save up

We’ve all heard the saying “Location, location, location” but what is equally important is “Timing, timing, timing.” Paying attention to when you put gas can save you some dough. The best time to fill up is right after midnight or before dawn. The reason? The majority of gas stations increase the price of gas during the day because they know that is when most people put gas. Therefore, it just might be worth it to stay up past your bedtime.

We get that it might be an inconvenience but if you fill up your tank during these off-peak hours you will thank us. Another plus is that the colder it is, the denser gasoline is. It admittedly won’t make a huge difference, but filling up at night could give you a bit more for your money.