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Classic Car Features You Forgot About

Every time a new car design appears, it replaces something else, something older and less popular. The evolution of car design follows mainstream technology too, the radio tape player became a CD player and has now become an iPod dock and will soon become something different still.

But when things move forwards, things seem to get forgotten too. Left behind. Consigned to past history.

Do you remember wooden body panels on station wagons? Do you remember when gas was leaded? Even HID lighting has given way to long lasting LED technology. When someone purchases a car, they don’t want the old, they want the very latest, the newest, the most cutting edge features and designs possible.

However, the future isn’t always it. Remember the 1955 Chevy Bel Air? It’s hard not to be impressed by that little beauty. These classic cars are people’s favourites of all time, no matter how out of date or ‘old’ they might seem.

And that made us think – if we were able to look back on the automobile industry and think of the most important classic car components, which of them would we bring back to the future?

We’ve made a list of the features that we’d like to see given a renaissance with contemporary design and engineering. This list looks at some of the classic car features which you may have forgotten:

Quarter glass vent windows

This was a great and much missed addition to any automobile. Before the days of modern air conditioning in cars, the quarter glass vent windows were essential to helping people stay cool in their cars.

These small wedge-shaped windows allowed everyone sitting in the front to experience fresh cool air as they were driving along. When the windows were angled correctly, it was even better than air conditioning.

These windows allowed you to get a little air without rolling it all the way down.

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