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Common Driving Mistakes

We can all make mistakes while we are driving. No one is perfect. The sad fact is that 99% of all the problems and accidents that occur on our roads are the result of human error. Unfortunately we don’t appear to often learn from these mistakes and repeatedly make the same mistakes without really noticing too much at all.

Since human beings are the cause of car accidents, it makes sense that companies across the world are working harder than ever on driver-less cars. But since these too have been involved in crashes lately, perhaps self-driving vehicles is not necessarily the answer.

Before we can remove driver error completely from the equation, perhaps we can learn from our mistakes. Below you can find the most common mistakes that drivers make on the road.

Speed Through A Yellow Light

When we see a yellow light, we know that what we should do is slow down. However, when we see the yellow light coming, most people do not push the brake, but instead they hit the gas to make it through. Drivers all around the world play this same game of chicken with the red light, trying to push through the yellow before it turns red.

Of course, this isn’t a game, it’s actually dangerous and could cause a terrible accident. Do you recall all the times you’ve seen an accident at an intersection? What about on a tv show, or on YouTube? They’re almost always caused by a driver ignoring the warning sign of a yellow light.

It’s far better to slow and wait. If the light turns to yellow – you know what to do – slow down and stop. Once the lights go back to green, you’re safe and you can go on your way. It’s often not more than a 90 second wait anyway. So… is that really worth the risk?


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