Porsche Boxster Mysteriously Damaged While Shipped Across The USA

This story begins when Mark made the decision to move to California with his wife from the east Coast. The plan was for him and his wife to fly and for his car to be shipped. In order to have it shipped, it was necessary that he drive his beloved Porsche Boxster S from Connecticut where he and his wife were living to New Jersey where the shipping terminal for the company that he had hired was located. The shipping costs were pre-paid and the car was delivered early to ensure that it was delivered on time to California.

When the car was dropped off it was in pristine condition. Since the battery had been giving Mark issues he had replaced it the month before. He had recently had the interior cleaned and it was both spotless and dry. Upon arrival to the shipping terminal, the security guard there informed Mark that it was necessary to lock the doors and to leave the vehicle in a designated parking spot, which Mark did. After this, Mark was given a receipt as proof of the specifics of the drop off including information regarding the make of the car and the time at which it was left.

However, oddly, that same security guard refused to let Mark take the receipt with him when he left. Since this was the case, Mark decided to take a photo of the receipt with his phone so that he would have the necessary information. This should have been a red flag. However, with the excitement of the move and with his friends who had driven with him there ready to make the trip back home, he did not think too much of it. According to Mark, the security guard that he spoke to informed him that he would be the only person at the lot until the next day.

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