The 25 Most Dangerous Cars and Trucks on the Road Today

Buying a used car that fits your needs and your budget is no easy feat. There are a multitude of factors that can influence your decision to pick out the used vehicle that is perfect for you.

The number one factor that most people look for and rightfully so is reliability. Therefore, we would suggest that you do your research and find out which vehicles have been rated to be the most reliable models. There are a variety of lists out there that are dedicated to helping buyers gain a better understanding of a vehicle’s reliability. Consumer Reports and other agencies that conduct quality testing can often predict performance even after a car is a few (or more) years old.

The main two things to avoid are vehicles with either transmission or electrical issues. These kinds of problems are often noted due to the severe consequences that they can cause.

It is also wise to look at a vehicle’s Safety Record. These reports include statistics including the number of reported accidents for each model, as well as the number of reported deaths caused by the accidents that the vehicles were involved in.

Even with the automotive technology being as advanced as it is, there is still a long way to go before we have THE perfect car or truck. Therefore, lists like this that include which models to avoid can be super handy.

This article takes into account statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) published in May 2017.

Continue reading to find out which vehicles from 2011-2015 made the list of the most dangerous cars and trucks on the road today.

Subaru Impreza

Fortunately for Subaru, the later year (2015 on) Impreza models have received a Top Safety Pick+ Designation. However, the earlier models were much less safe with 54 deaths per million registrations, a whopping 90% of which were single-vehicle wrecks.

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