The 25 Most Reliable Cars Ever

There is no question that the number of reliable cars has greatly increased in recent years. However, it would be incorrect to say that all modern cars are ones that we can rely on. It is no surprise these days for a car to reach a minimum of 100,000 miles. Some can even reach much higher numbers in the 300,000s. Sometimes owners of more reliable cars are more likely to skip some of the necessary maintenance on their vehicles. However, this doing so isn’t doing you any favors. Regular maintenance will keep your already reliable car running even longer. If you are in the market for a used car, or are just curious to learn more, continue reading to learn which cars made our list of the most reliable cars.

Did your car make our list?

1. 1992-1995 Honda Civic

There is a reason why the Honda Civic is such a popular car and has been handed down in families for years. Although all models of the Civic are known to be reliable, the most reliable by far are the models from 1992 to 1995. Some of us have that one friend who is still driving their first ever car that happens to be one of these Civics. Because of their durability they are known to last forever (or so it feels like forever). This also means that people are usually able to get a decent chunk of change since people know that they will be drivable for a long time. We would not be surprised to learn that if you were to check your local classifieds that you would find one with a ton of mileage in great condition. Thanks to its reliance on lighter materials, the fifth-generation Civic relied on much lighter materials in order to improve fuel economy. It didn’t hurt that the cowl was higher and suspension was improved. If you happen to see someone driving one of these beauties, don’t scoff. Their car might even outlast other cars ten years younger.

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