You are still getting swindled and bamboozled by the automotive industry

The times are changing rapidly in the car industry but misinformation and the old ways of conducting business are still prevalent to this day and you are losing money because of it. We are all partially to blame, it is hard for most of us to go against our natural bias and admit a fully electric vehicle may, in fact, be fun to drive, or that a turbo 4 can be faster than a v6 on the track. The thing is we hold on to these ideas for far too long and spread this information all across the Internet and our inner circles.

Are Hybrids actually slow and boring? Are cars that aren’t American, German or Japanese terrible? Is AWD going to save your life one day? Should you still change your oil 3000 miles or sooner? These are the kind of questions we are going to try and answer and in turn maybe even save you money down the road. Lets get this list started with a fairly new heated debate happening amongst your fellow pick up truck enthusiasts.

Hybrids are boring, look dumb, are so slow and I should just give up on life.

False! Just keep going, tomorrow is a new day, you can make it. Trust me on this one its probably worth sticking around. Hybrid is another dirty word that some grizzled veteran auto enthusiasts instantly get charged up about. The newer generation is a bit more open to the idea but with the ugly Toyota prius’s and Honda insights of the past creeping into our minds when we hear the word hybrid it’s easy to see why this term has a negative connotation for many of us. I’m here toady to help fix that! From now on when you hear the word hybrid, instead of thinking about a prius or an insight I want you to think of these vehicles instead: Porsche 918, LaFarrari, Honda NSX, Mclaren P1 and BMW i8. See? All better.

For people who love cars they already have a fairly intimate knowledge of some of these super cars and for those that don’t a quick search with show you that these hybrids are definitely not boring, the opposite of slow and just maybe are worth living for. For the vast majority, these cars are out of reach but with the way newer technology trickles down faster then ever we are already seeing many hybrid cars that are easily obtainable now and will give you years of enjoyment, give you an engaging drive and save you money at the pump.