You are still getting swindled and bamboozled by the automotive industry

What if I told you, you could afford that mid level luxury car of your dreams?

Expensively made cars are, well, expensive, but won’t always be. Right now there are so many different manufacturers making so many new vehicles it can be dizzying trying to find what you want and often times when you do find what you want its simply out of reach financially. To fix this problem we simply need to go back in time *hops in Delorean, gets flux capacitor up to 1.21 jigowatts, ready to go 88mph*… Or, we can do a few quick Google searches, either works. The idea here is not just finding a car coming out of lease but finding a car you normally wouldn’t look at because it was so far out of reach from new.

An example of this would be something like getting ready to buy a new Mazda 3 but if you did a bit of research you could get, say, a 2013 Audi A4 with fairly low km for less money. Even if you take into account the higher interest rate on used purchase typically you are still quite ahead. Granted repairs could be more but its not obscene, you would have a bit of warranty left on Audi but not full like the Mazda. The Audi of the year mentioned does have a high reliability rating as well, which also lessens the chance of getting burned not buying new. The thinking of all of this is doing a bit of research, checking vehicle reliability, honing in on what you want and not being afraid of looking a little further up the market then you normally would. By doing this you may in fact find a car just that much closer to your dreams that’s reliable and wont break the bank account.

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