10 Signs That Customers Are Lying to the Car Salesperson

As a car salesperson, it is not a normal day at work if we are not being lied to by our customers and potential customers. This is where the popular saying “Buyers are Liars” comes from. It does not take being in this business too long to check off all of the boxes on the car buyer’s lie checklist. Some of the more common ones include classics like “I will be back” (no you won’t be), “I am just looking” (sure you are?), “I have to go” (oh really, important dinner date?), “I can’t afford that” (then why are you here?), “the price was lower at another dealer” (sure it was). One of the main reasons that these customers believe that it is acceptable to lie to us is that it is part of the car buying culture. It is something that they were told, probably by their parents, friends, and/or partners to do. They were likely told that they need to have a “one up” on us. When asked directly if this was the case, most don’t even deny it.

The idea that the customer is always right is something that we all struggle with since often in these cases they simply aren’t. It is our job to do everything in our power to help them make the right decision and, of course, end up driving a car off of our lot.

If you are in the business, or are just curious to learn more, continue reading in order to find out what some of the key indicators that customers and potential customers are not being truthful with us. It might take some time to fully hone these skills, but trust me when I say that they are invaluable in this line of work. Of course, you will have more luck finding out the truth the more you get to know your customers and after you have built some rapport with them. And it should go without saying that we are all unique individuals and will not necessarily act in the same way. For instance, some people are simply socially anxious so they might appear to be exhibiting some of these behaviours but it is due to their anxiety and not that they are being dishonest that they might be acting in a certain way. So, in a sense it is a science, but be warned that it is one that is not exact. The main thing to look for is a change in behaviour. So be observant and attentive and you will be able to learn a lot more about the situation than you may have previously realized. Hit NEXT!