10 Signs That Customers Are Lying to the Car Salesperson

Their Breathing Will Change

Arguably the number one indicator that you are being lied to is a change in the person’s breathing pattern. The reason for this is that unless the person is a sociopath, lying is something that they feel uncomfortable doing. Most people do not like lying, so when they feel that they are in a position that they need to lie their body will show indicators such as an altered breathing pattern and an increased heart rate. Therefore, if you notice that a customer is breathing heavier than they were previously or that there has been a change in their voice cadence or tone chances are they are lying to you. This change in breathing might also force a change in the way that they carry themselves, including the positioning of their shoulders.

Nervous Talk and Excessive Information

Often, when we are put in a position or put ourselves in a position to do something that we are uncomfortable with we end up feeling uncomfortable which can cause us to try and make ourselves more comfortable by rambling and providing information that is irrelevant or unnecessary. For instance, if you offer them a coffee they might go on about things that they know about coffee or about how they can’t drink it after a certain time or it will keep them up late. Or, they might ask questions about the car that are quite obvious or that is above their knowledge about cars. If they are super uncomfortable, they may even start to ask you personal questions. If you notice this behaviour and they were not acting like this before, chances are they are not being truthful with you. Pair this with the aforementioned breathing and voice changes and it’s almost a sure thing that you are being lied to.

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