Americans Are In Love With These Classic Cars

2. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang owes its popularity largely in part to its super high survival rate. And for this reason, and others, the first generation For Mustang is perfect for the first-time car collectors. Some have said that the Corvette is America’s ‘sports car’ while the Mustang is America’s ‘sporty car’. The Mustang is similar to the Corvette in that its popularity has been sustained throughout multiple generations and with each new generation of car lovers comes a new slew of Mustang fans (including the wildly criticized Mustang II). Although, since there are not many U.S. states left, the Mustang did not come close to the popularity of the Corvette, it was the most popular in six states. Therefore, the decision was made to exclude both the Corvette and the Mustang in order to be able to better examine the remaining classic cars.

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