Cars With Awesome Pop-Up Headlights

Do you remember those flashy looking cars with the pop up headlights that were instantly impressive? Ever wondered why you don’t see them these days? Well in 2004, European safety regulations changed and no new car with this type of headlights has been sold in America since.

Since Lotus and Chevrolet sold their very last pop-up held cars, people across the U.S have clamored for the glory days of the pop-up headlights of the past.

Let’s explore our list of the 10 most awesome cars with pop-up lights:

Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata had the infamous pop up lights from 1989 through to 1997. But later models dropped the design for lights that were flush with the body.

The Miata was a lightweight car but it boasted excellent handling and was reasonably inexpensive.

Mazda included a button in the car that was explained to new drivers in the manual, but often confused the heck out of second hand owners. Why on earth was there a button in the center console for bringing the headlights up, but without actually turning them on?

The answer – the folks at Mazda liked the idea that you might want to clean the lights without switching them on. Thoughtful huh?




One response to “Cars With Awesome Pop-Up Headlights”

  1. JG McInerney

    Seriously? you included the LTD and MR2 but not the excellent Mitsu 3000gt or 1st gen Eclipse? Weird!