Cutting-Edge Features You Don’t Want in Your New Car

With the advance of car technology, it is amazing how things have been evolving almost exponentially. Cars made today have the most efficient engines, but in addition there have never been as many options for hybrid and electric models. Modern cars are the fastest and safest cars ever made. They are also, overall, much easier to drive than in the past. We remember the time when having the option for a sunroof meant that you were living the life of luxury. A CD player? You must have been rich to have one of these when they were first made available! As car technology advances, cars are becoming smarter than ever. However, change is not always a good thing. Often compromises must be made. As much as we would like to have it all, that isn’t always a possibility. Moreover, some features on new cars just aren’t necessary and usually have to go through quite a few trials before being perfected. Plus, sometimes less is more.

So keep reading to find which car features we doubt you will want when you purchase your next ride. The more you know, the better and the cheaper your new car might end up costing you.

Auto start/stop

This new features allows your car to turn itself off during prolonged stops in traffic which can save you from idling unnecessarily. However, this feature can not only be annoying but it can also be dangerous if you are in stop in go traffic or just going for a ride. Don’t get us wrong, having this feature on your car will save you money in the long run when it comes to filling up at the pump (less time running obviously means less fuel used) but we honestly don’t think the few dollars that you might spend is worth it. Having your car stop and start constantly can do a lot of damage to its starter as well as its battery.